Architecture-driven Requirements Engineering (ARE)

ARE has been started in February 2013 and is headed by Jun.-Prof. Anne Koziolek.

Our research is concerned with evaluating software architectures to provide systematic decision support for requirements engineering activities. This applies the idea of the Twin Peaks model of requirements and architecture to quantitative, model-based software architecture evaluation. The Twin Peaks model has been proposed by Bashar Nuseibeh (2001), who applied the insight of the inevitable intertwining of specification and implementation (Swartout and Balzer 1982) to software architecture.

The current focus of the group is quality requirements, where the results of software architecture optimization is used to provide quantitative feedback about the attainable design space.


Zum 5. mal in Folge beteiligt sich das ARE am Girl's-Day des KIT. ARE bietet insgesamt 24 interessierten Schülerinnen einen Programmierworkshop mit...

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With four full proposals, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) will enter the final round of the funding line “Clusters of Excellence” in the...

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SQUADE 2018 the 1st International Workshop on Software Qualities and their Dependencies CfP
This workshop focuses on increasing our understanding of...

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Call for contributions to ICSE Demonstrations Track

The objective of the ICSE 2018 Demonstrations Track is to excite the software engineering...

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