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Invited Talk at Twin Peaks'15, an ICSE workshop

Anne Koziolek will give an invited talk at Twin Peaks'15, the Fifth International Workshop on the Twin Peaks of Requirements and Architecture, at ICSE '15 in Florence. She will talk about Design Assistants for Supporting the Twin Peaks.



Over the years, researchers have proposed various approaches and tools to support software architects designing a software architecture. One category of such approaches and tools is that of so-called "design assistants". This term loosely includes any tool that takes as input some form of requirements for the system to be architected, and potentially an initial design, and interacts with the architects to help them concentrate on areas of the design that could use improvement to satisfy the requirements or could be optimized to improve quality or reduce costs. The idea is to assist the architect in a partially automated way. (from our recent workshop on the Future of Software Architecture Design Assistants, FoSADA).

In this talk, I will discuss the role of design assistants in the Twin Peaks vision. As one example of such an assistant, I will present an approach that makes use of model-based optimization and quality prediction to span and characterize the design space and thus provide feedback to requirements engineering. Moreover, I would like to put current thoughts on the role and reusability of design decisions up for discussion.


The Twin Peaks'15 program is available online.