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Transactions on Software Engineering Article: A Systematic Literature Review of Software Architecture Optimization Methods published

Our survey on software architecture optimization methods, authored by Aldeida Aleti, Barbora Buhnova, Lars Grunske, Anne Koziolek, and Indika Meedeniya, will appear in the next IEEE TSE issue. It aims to

  • Provide a basic classification framework in form of a taxonomy to classify existing architecture optimization approaches.
  • Provide an overview of the current state of the art in the architecture optimization domain.
  • Point out current trends, gaps, and directions for future research.

Abstract: Due to significant industrial demands toward software systems with increasing complexity and challenging quality requirements, software architecture design has become an important development activity and the research domain is rapidly evolving. In the last decades, software architecture optimization methods, which aim to automate the search for an optimal architecture design with respect to a (set of) quality attribute(s), have proliferated. However, the reported results are fragmented over different research communities, multiple system domains, and multiple quality attributes. To integrate the existing research results, we have performed a systematic literature review and analyzed the results of 188 research papers from the different research communities. Based on this survey, a taxonomy has been created which is used to classify the existing research. Furthermore, the systematic analysis of the research literature provided in this review aims to help the research community in consolidating the existing research efforts and deriving a research agenda for future developments.