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Since 1 January 2021, the chair of Architecture-driven Requirements Engineering is part of the KASTEL institute as the Modelling for Continuous Software Engineering group. Please visit our new homepage at

Theses and Jobs

All open topics for Bachelors and Master's theses as well as job offers can be found in the SDQ-Wiki.

If you would like to apply for a position as a doctoral researcher in our team, please send us an email with details on your background and motivation. We are looking for candidates with an very good or excellent Master degree in Informatics who are knowledgeable in software engineering and preferrably software architecture or model-based software development or requirements engineering.

Closed Theses

  • Software-Architektur-basierende Optimierung von Eingebetteter Software Software-Architecture-based Optimization of Embedded Software, BA, Betreuer: Anne Koziolek, Michael Pressler (SIM, FZI)
  • Evaluation of System Specific Degrees of Freedom for Functional Requirements with PerOpteryx, MA, Betreuerin: Anne Koziolek
  • Modellierung der Struktureigenschaften von Entwurfsentscheidungen in komponentenbasierten Systemen, BA, Betreuer: Axel Busch
  • Automated Improvement of Software Architecture Models through Generic Formulisation of Design Space, BA, Betreuer: Axel Busch
  • Performanceoptimierung eines Dokumentenmanagementsystems mit PerOpteryx, DA, Betreuer: Anne Koziolek
  • Automotive Systems Modelling with Vitruvius, MA, Betreuer: Erik Burger (SDQ), Anne Koziolek
  • Development of a Domain-spanning Quality Metrics Meta-Model, SA, Betreuer: Robert Heinrich (SDQ), Anne Koziolek
  • Angelika Kaplan: Tool-supported Systematic Literature Reviews (vorl. Titel) DA, Betreuer: Anne Koziolek
  • Chrishan Perera: Tracing zwischen Anforderungen, Entscheidungen, Architektur und Code durch Information Retrieval Verfahren (vorl. Titel), MA, Betreuer: Robert Heinrich, Anne Koziolek
  • Using concern weaving to extend component-based system architectures, MA, Betreuer: Axel Busch
  • Sch├Ątzen von Kostenbarrieren mit PerOpteryx, Betreuerin: Anne Koziolek